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Xuan Jing

'A Space With DNA'  film is now showcasing at the Venice Biennial 2019, Italy.








這支影片目前在義大利威尼斯雙年展的 本博宮 Palazzo Bembo 展出,連同現場的裝置呈現,親身感受一場與空間合而為一的片刻。

A Space With DNA


“There should be a sense of belonging to a space that's been created.”


When you see a living space or when you walk into a space, before meeting the owner, whether it be residential or commercial, you should catch bits of the owner’s personality or characteristics here and there within the space. Through my eyes, my hands, and my creations, I redefine the given space to give it a soul, an identity, and ongoing memories that reflect and match its designated owner.


A Space With DNA - Memories

“I always prepare a lot of dishes for dinner everyday. My brother, my mom, with the kids...
We sit around the dining table packed. Completely packed.
Everybody sitting together at this dining table, we always do the same thing - we eat, we chat.”

              - Grace Wang

Memories, Photography by Hao-Wei Tsai  2019

“To me, what a home needs to have is a sense that you are

being protected, you are comfortable.  A cozy environment.”

              - Sharon Wang

A Space With DNA - Unity

Unity, Photography by Hao-Wei Tsai  2019

A Space With DNA - Dreams

“I want my office to give off a feeling that we are powerful,
determined, dynamic, and proficient.  So when our distributors are here, they clearly know that we are aggressive and competitive.

              - Max Chao

Dreams, Photography by Hao-Wei Tsai  2019


“With distinct interests, goals, and visions, we create a space.

Meanwhile, it carries our dreams.”

                                                                          - Sharon Tsai

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