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Xuan Jing

The Designer — Sharon Tsai

"There should be a sense of belonging to a space that's been created."

- Sharon Tsai

This is the principle that Sharon has always embodied in her designs. Growing up with multicultural influences, Sharon infuses various elements into her creations. Modern blends effortlessly with classic, east merrily meets west, and unbounded imaginations put to realization. 

She is known for transforming the living environments into elegant, sophisticated, and comfortable spaces. Not to mention, with a flare of exotic glamour. Her playful use of colours, adventurous mix of styles and cultures, brings an exclusive creation to every project. 

Sharon's interior design projects are showcased in many places from North America to China. In 2014, she started her own private practice in Taipei, Taiwan.


Lifestyle Services

•    Interior Design & Styling Services
•    Crossover Collaboration
•    Art Selection and Acquisition

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